What is Real Dialogue?

Real Dialogue has grown from Dialogue Therapy developed by Polly and her late husband, Ed Epstein, in 1983. Real Dialogue is the general term that encompasses Real Dialogue at Home, at Work and in the World. Sampling from Dialogue TherapyReal Dialogue is a finely honed structure for dialogue and inquiry that is used for resolving conflicts between equals in relationships that are not personal. Real Dialogue clears a path in order to transform chronic, repetitive hostilities into open communication and mutual discovery. Real Dialogue in the World is inspired by the podcast Enemies: War to Wisdom with Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. and Eleanor Johnson. Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides is a new spin-off from the podcast of live on-stage events between people who are poised to be enemies, but instead are coming together to learn from each other.

Real Dialogue can be used to defuse and resolve social or cultural conflicts between equals. This particularly resonates in today’s world.

“We find ourselves on different sides of a line nobody drew. While it may be one in the higher eye, down here where we live it is two.”
— Leonard Cohen