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Dialogue Therapy for Couples or Therapists

Polly is lecturing and teaching on the new form of Dialogue Therapy — and on the challenges of love in the 21st century. This kind of love, which she calls “Personal Love,” is entirely new in intimate relationships. It is based on equality, reciprocity and mutuality. It promises to create a new kind of human relationship in which two individuals can come to accept each other, as they are, with their flaws, and become life-long friends and witnesses. However, the obstacles that couples face right now could erode and destroy the potential for personal love to become “True Love” because of the constant conflict, undermining of trust, and the feeling of being trapped with your enemy who was supposed to be your friend.

Listen to Polly talk briefly below about Personal Love and True Love.

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Dialogue Therapy is available for couples looking to move from disillusionment to intimacy and as a workshop for therapists at all clinical levels.

For couples, Dialogue Therapy offers both deep insight into the roots of suffering – opening the possibility of new acceptance of partner and self – and skills of dialogue and mindfulness. After the emotional landscape of harmful patterns is clarified, the couple is taught skills for recognizing and avoiding re-wounding while encouraging renewed intimacy. Combining psychoanalytic methods with aspects of psychodrama and mindfulness, Dialogue Therapy is a unique approach to healing chronic relationship problems and not simply papering over them.

For therapists, Dialogue Therapy training is designed for all clinical levels – from the most experienced to the least – to introduce its methods and practice in an experiential context. You can attend as an individual therapist or as a dyadic pair. LEARN MORE

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Polly with Susan Lambert on “In the Balance”

Polly Young-Eisendrath on In the BalanceThe formula for love and marriage in the 21st century has evolved from Romantic Love to Personal Love – love has been taken out of the demands of tradition, arranged marriages, family and tribal affiliations – we can now get married based on personal love, choosing anyone we want. Polly Young-Eisendrath describes this new intimate relationship as one with no hierarchy, based on mutual respect and reciprocity, with each partner becoming a life-long friend and witness to the other. But as she explains, this shift has made love and marriage so much more difficult. There is good news though – we are now being given an opportunity to evolve spiritually and psychologically, and we must rise to this challenge if we want to be okay in our relationships, if we want to experience True Love.  “Love is a spiritual path,” she says, “It requires skill and sacrifice.” HAVE A LISTEN


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Polly Young-Eisendrath SpeakingStart here and take a look at video excerpts of Polly speaking on a variety of topics. Polly Young-Eisendrath is a dynamic and engaging speaker who draws on a wide range of personal and professional experiences. People respond to her insights because she is grounded in what she knows and relates directly and openly with her audiences. She speaks to both general and professional audiences. Her range of topics includes individual and couples psychotherapy, human relationships, parenting, women’s development, leadership development, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, bereavement and dying and mindfulness. TAKE A LOOK