Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides

The goal of the Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides Live Events would be to demonstrate, on stage with a live audience, how the methods and principles of Real Dialogue work in “real time” (facilitated by Polly and a Real Dialogue partner) to create an atmosphere of facilitated and civilized restraint that enables the two guests (representing opposing views, opposing assumptions, or opposing social tribes) to discover new ideas, shared context, and synergies. Real Dialogue is a particular form of conversation that needs to be demonstrated in a public space in order to be learned by ordinary people, and Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides Live Events would provide that, in addition to an opportunity to hear thought leaders and experts speak about two sides of an important topic.

Events would be hosted on stage in cities across the United States.

“We find ourselves on different sides of a line nobody drew.”
— Leonard Cohen