Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides

The goal of the Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides events is to demonstrate, on stage with a live audience, how the methods and principles of Real Dialogue work in “real time” (facilitated by Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. and a Real Dialogue specialist). They will create an atmosphere of facilitated and civilized dialogue that enables the two guests (representing opposing views, opposing assumptions, or opposing social tribes) to discover new ideas, shared context, and synergies. Real Dialogue is a dynamic form of conversation that when demonstrated, is a fascinating display of communication that can lead to mutual understanding. In addition, it provides an opportunity to hear thought leaders and experts speak about two sides of an important topics such as climate change, gender issues, vaccinations, life after death and religion.

“We find ourselves on different sides of a line nobody drew. While it may be one in the higher eye, down here where we live it is two.”
— Leonard Cohen

We are currently raising funds to begin hosting Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides Live Events. If you would like to contribute, please visit our Patreon page at the button below:

Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides events will be hosted on stage in cities across the United States. Contact us to host or sponsor a Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides event in your area.