Your Next Chapter

ucUnwelcome change disrupts what we regard as our “lives.” Although our lives occur only on a moment-to-moment basis, we have the belief that life should be stable or secure or continuous. When a deep unwelcome change cracks open our belief in security and stability, we have to make a profound shift in order to move forward. Our life context has been upended by death, illness, betrayal or some other kind of loss and we must change our identity in order to fit into a different life. The event – no matter how chilling or difficult – must be told in our own words to others in order for us to move on and transform ourselves. And yet, we must eventually shift away from the “event story” and into the next chapter of our “life story.”

But how do we move on from an event that has gripped our imagination and spirit and changed us forever? How do we surrender to the contingencies of a life we no longer recognize?

Contemporary grief and bereavement models appear to have limited usefulness for those who feel stuck in a sense of being lost, alienated, ashamed, envious or helpless.

When Unwelcome Change Comes to Your Life,
How Do You Write the Next Chapter of Your Story?

A Six-Week Online Course
For Seekers, Writers & Non-Writers
January 29th – March 11th, 2013
In conjunction with International Association for Journal Writing

This course introduces a new way for you to make the transformation back into the vitality of life after an event has destroyed your sense of security and safeness that you thought had undergirded your very existence. The course is grounded in Buddhist sensibility and mindfulness practice that embrace teachings of impermanence as the foundation for living fully.

Who should take this course:

This is a course for individuals, creatives, seekers and writers — anyone whose life experience has been transformed in an unexpected and negative way: by a loved one’s death, illness, personal betrayal, unemployment, a loss of home, or significant financial challenges. If you want to engage with a new perspective and a fresh view of how to transform your preoccupation with negative feelings, shame and alienation, this course will open a door in that direction. Enrollment in this course is limited.

In this course you will learn:


  • A Buddhist approach to our natural reality including that life is impermanent
  • New ways of experiencing and understanding unwelcome change
  • How poems can help you experience the shift of consciousness about loss
  • The fundamental Buddhist viewpoints that can shift our perception of unwelcome change, allowing for deeper acceptance
  • How journaling and mindfulness can help us develop a new, more flexible identity as we come back into the vitality of living fully

Flexible online class format and schedule:

This class will be a combination of both an online classroom (using a private Google Groups discussion board) where we interact with one another (and other students), where the writing is shared and also two group conference calls. The class begins on Tuesday, January 29 and ends on Monday, March 11.


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Six-Week Course Fee: $195

I hope that you will join us for what will be a deeply inspiring, and potentially life-changing class!

Blessings, Polly

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