Dr. Polly Young-EisendrathIntroducing Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath’s new Dialogue Therapy programs. Dialogue Therapy is a new model and methodology for couple and relationship therapy in the 21st century. This new model can also be used to defuse and resolve social or cultural conflicts between equals — where the ideals of mutuality and reciprocity make for special challenges.

Dialogue Therapy is a structured, time-limited couple therapy method that draws from psychoanalysis, mindfulness, and psychodrama. It can be applied to couples in conflict and to other dyadic relationships in conflict. The Institute for Dialogue Therapy offers professional training in Dialogue Therapy. Here you will find a series of videos that introduce and explain Dialogue Therapy in more detail.

Below we are providing an overview of the 85 CE credit Foundational Training in Dialogue Therapy program, the Mission and Vision statements for the Institute for Dialogue Therapy, and brief overviews of a three-day couple retreat and a five-day couple retreat. In addition to these, we can customize a Dialogue Therapy training that meets your professional development and credentialing needs. Please join us at the first Foundational Skills in Dialogue Therapy courses at VTCIT.

Here is an excerpt of Polly’s new book, Love Between Equals: Relationship as a Spiritual Path, (January, 2019 Shambhala/Random House) in which Polly discusses practical methods for developing wise and mindful dialogue to enhance empathy in communication.

We hope that we have provided enough information for you to consider offering training or begin training in Dialogue Therapy in these or other formats that would suit your organization or practice. In addition to Dialogue Therapy, Polly Young-Eisendrath is also available to speak about “Love Between Equals” and other topics that combine psychoanalysis and Buddhism, as well as mindfulness.

Mission and Vision

Foundational Program Proposal

Three-Day Retreat for Couples

Five-Day Retreat for Couples

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