Foundational Training in Dialogue Therapy

Intimate relationship in the 21st century is uniquely stressed by ideals of equality and reciprocity. The skills involved in negotiation with an equal partner – such as dealing with conflict respectfully, transcending power struggles and authentically witnessing one another – are key elements of Dialogue Therapy.

Foundational Training in Dialogue Therapy is offered by Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D. and her team of experienced and dedicated Certified Dialogue Therapists. The total package of training (providing approximately 85 continuing education credits for mental health professionals) is offered on-site at different sponsoring organizations and venues. The training provides an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of Dialogue Therapy with active skills training in the core competencies of this approach. Each session includes theory, observations of videotaped and live demonstrations, in vivo skills training, and mindfulness practice.

The program is open to anyone who would like to learn how to use Dialogue Therapy. Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors/Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapists and other licensed professionals who complete the Foundational Training in Dialogue Therapy, as well as two hours of supervision by a Certified Dialogue Therapist, will receive certification as a Dialogue Therapist. Non-licensed professionals will receive a Real Dialogue Specialist certification.

Clinical Faculty for the Institute for Dialogue Therapy

Clinical Director: Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.
Associate Clinical Director: Sarah Brodie, M.A., RP

Sarah Brodie                        
Sarah Brodie, MA, Registered Psychotherapist, Dialogue Therapist. Sarah is a psychotherapist with a specialty of art therapy, child psychoanalysis (Dipl. CICAPP), and Dialogue Therapy for Parents in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Bree Greenberg Benjamin    
Bree Greenberg Benjamin, LMFT is the founder and clinical director of the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy.

Lisa Lewis                              
Lisa D. Lewis, Ph.D. provides couples therapy using Dialogue Therapy in California’s Bay Area, Central Valley and Central Coast. She also holds weekend intensives in CA, Hawaii and Montana. 

Susan Lillich                          
Susan E. Lillich, Ph.D., Licensed psychologist – doctorate.  Susan is a clinical psychologist seeing couples and individuals in her private practice in Williston, VT.

Stella Marrie                          
Stella Marrie, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice specializing in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and clinical supervision. She is a professor of psychology at the Union Institute & University where she teaches psychodynamic and mindfulness informed psychotherapy.

Irene McHenry
Irene McHenry, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Irene maintains a private practice in psychotherapy with couples and individuals in the greater Philadelphia area. 

Caroline O’Connor                 
Caroline O'Connor, LCMHC. Caroline maintains a private psychotherapy practice with couples and individuals in Burlington, Vermont.     

Savanna O’Connor    
Savanna O’Connor, MA is working towards licensure in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Savanna has a private practice in psychotherapy with couples and adult individuals in Burlington, Vermont.                 

Jean Pieniadz                       
Jean Pieniadz, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst. Jean maintains a private practice with individuals and couples in Burlington, Vermont.

Leland Peterson                    
Leland Peterson, MA, ATR-BC. Leland is in private practice with individual and couples in Montpelier, Vermont.     

Amber Rickert                        
Amber Rickert, LCSW, MPH.  Amber has a Master in Social Work and Public Health from Columbia University. She is in private practice in Los Angeles, CA and is the Director of Outpatient Services at Wellnest in South Los Angeles. She works with couples and with trauma and transformative resilience. 

Sherwin Watson                                   
Sherwin Watson, MSC, MSEcon. Sherwin has a master’s degree in real estate economics from the London School of Economics and a masters in ethnic studies and social policy from the University of Bradford, England. Sherwin is a general manager of a large scale real estate development in Los Angeles, California.