The Institute for Dialogue Therapy (IDT)


To establish the Institute for Dialogue Therapy (IDT) as the foremost training program in the world for dialogue and negotiation between equals within contexts of reciprocity and mutuality. Strategic emphasis is on (1) Expansion of IDT into mental health and counseling markets for couple therapy; (2) Dissemination of the “tools” of Dialogue Therapy — creating a mindful space, dialogue, mindfulness of another, differentiation of subjectivities — into national and international markets, to be known as distinct from all other models of Conflict Resolution, due to its emphasis on unconscious communication; (3) Development of the training, trainers, researchers and thought leaders in Dialogue Therapy who can make its methods and tools available in situations of conflict between equals in all settings from relationship, to educational, cultural and political frontiers; (4) Expansion of the IDT podcast (“Enemies: From War to Wisdom”) into a national and international online conversation about our human need to make enemies and how we can respond with precise skill and wisdom to our natural dehumanizing of the “other” in conflicts in which it is to our advantage to increase trust or intimacy.


The uniqueness and innovation of Dialogue Therapy for couples will be used to capture the interest and attention of mental health professionals, educators, and other leaders who have been frustrated by the on-going fragmentation of human relationships. The initial offering will be DT training for mental health professionals (certificate program) in professional settings across the US. Training is designed to be multi-leveled: train Dialogue Therapists; train trainers of Dialogue Therapists to expand training groups to a variety of settings; develop research and professional conversations to improve the method, and inspire national and international conversations taking place on the podcast. IDT will enter the market of Conflict Resolution with the distinct advantages of being a completely new kind of therapy that “administers experiences” to couples, leaving them with new skills that can be self-tested and followed up on. Books by Young-Eisendrath on DT support and expand the training strategies.


Initial focus is on training Dialogue Therapists in professional settings and conducting a national conversation on the podcast. Start with contracts with training institutions, but develop the Institute for Dialogue Therapy as a free-standing educational institute that coordinates and oversees the various DT products, tools, and ideas. Tactical marketing starts with becoming known within mental health professional training circles and capturing the national imagination in regard to couple therapy.


Dialogue Therapy is a unique time-tested model that has roots in psychoanalysis, psychodrama and mindfulness, but its visibility has been limited. With the 2019 publication and distribution of Young-Eisendrath’s “Love between Equals” and the 2018 initiation of the podcast, the general public and mental health professionals will see the unique strengths of DT in relation to all existing competitive models (especially Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Communication, and Emotion Focused Therapy).



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