ENEMIES: From War to Wisdom Episode 20: Introducing Sarah Brodie, Co-host for Real Dialogue Live Events

Preparing to bring the podcast live, on-stage, we interview Sarah Brodie, a Dialogue Therapist from Toronto, who will co-host Real Dialogue for Opposing Sides with Polly. These are structured conversations between those with opposing views or those who have been hurt by each other. These events will bring together thoughtful experts who disagree about such diverse topics as climate change, the nature of gender, the safety of psychiatric drugs, what happens after we die, the nature of consciousness, free will, and many other topics whose opposing views stir our emotions and imaginations. Each guest will first be interviewed as an individual. Before the live event, each guest will listen to the interview of the other on the opposite side. On-stage, the co-hosts will structure and guide the questions and dialogue so that guests must follow the rules of Real Dialogue. There will be time for Q&A with the audience. In this podcast, we will interview Sarah and talk about the rules, as well as the power of Speaking for Yourself – recognizing your own subjective limitations and bias as you speak – and Listening Mindfully – recognizing another’s subjectivity.