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Foundational Training in Dialogue Therapy: Session 2 (Kings County, CA)

  • Kings County, CA Kings County California (map)

Session #2:
Taught by Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.

Course Description: Part Two of a two-part certificate training program, based on psychoanalysis and mindfulness, will provide you with a new model and methodology for couple and relationship therapy in the 21st century.

Dialogue Therapy is a structured, time-limited couple therapy method that draws from psychoanalysis, mindfulness, and psychodrama. It can be applied to couples in conflict and to other dyadic relationships in conflict. This new model also can be used to defuse and resolve social or cultural conflicts between equals, in which the ideals of mutuality and reciprocity offer special challenges. Throughout this week, Polly will guide you through mindfulness practices, dyadic exercises, videos, and intensive sessions on dialogue therapy; pitfalls and shortcomings of contemporary couple therapy models; the nature of personal love; challenges of equality, reciprocity, mutuality; enemy-making factors in personal love; how personal love differs from pair-bonding, romance, idealization or desire; true love as a spiritual path; psychodrama technique; six questions and how to use them; conducting an empathy interview for personal history; the co-therapist model; and much more.

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THIS IS A PRIVATE TRAINING, please see the Foundational Training at the Rowe Center in Rowe, MA to sign up for this training.